Groups who are working together to form cooperatives and mutually owned businesses should know that they can actually do many parts of the process themselves. Please use these cooperative business development resources to help develop your own cooperative. Make sure you read through all the steps of cooperative business development in order to be certain that your group is aware of all the necessary parts to forming a cooperative. If you would like our assistance, please view our services and contact us.

If you are not forming a cooperative, but are a farm, agricultural business, or farm association, please go to our Agriculture Business Development section.

Steps to Cooperative Development:

Cooperative Business Education

Group Facilitation & Organization

Strategic Project Planning (coming soon)

Feasibility Assessment (coming soon)

Business Planning (coming soon)

Market Analysis (coming soon)

Loan/Grant Applications and Capitalization Strategies (coming soon)

Legal Document Assistance (coming soon)

Professional Referrals

Board & Member Trainings (coming soon)

Conflict Resolution (coming soon)

Cooperative Business Models

Resources for Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives

Resources for Farmers

Resources for Value-Added Food Businesses