LONO by A.C. Kahekiliuila Lagunero

The famous Hawaiian muralist for this painting is Al Lagunero. He is family of the lands of Keauhou – the name of Ha‘
ani‘o. This mural is part of a larger mural with two swimmers. The artist's initial thought of the sketch was of the migrations of Hawaiians to Hawai‘i of 400 and 450 A.D. and Lono I ka Makahiki, the landing place being Ewa, O‘ahu. As he says “never ending ka‘ao or storytelling, legend."
The part of the mural that we are using has the swimmer with a circlet of Kukui leaves by his chin and above to the left of him is a dark cloud which signifies a pig’s head. The kukui and pig’s head are the kino lau or forms that the god Lono may take at any given time.
The Kahalu‘u Bay Education Center was opened during the season of makahiki, a season of sustainability and growth in all forms...plants, animals, and knowledge. These are also the goals and foundation of the Kahalu‘u Bay Education Center and The Kohala Center.