About Us

The Hawai‘i Island Coastal Education and Stewardship (HICES, pronounced “High Seas”) project is a yearlong project which will run through 2010 with support from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Education Office. We are a collaborative effort between the UHH Education Department, UHH Pacific Aquaculture & Coastal Resources Center (PACRC), NOAA’s Mokūpapapa Discovery Center, Hilo Bay Watershed Advisory Group (HBWAG), Nā Pua No'eau Center for Gifted and Talented Native Hawaiian Children, The Kohala Center, and local public schools. Our goal is to aid in fostering environmental education (EE) at multiple levels by empowering our wide range of partners and participants to work together by using watershed and coastline concepts and conservation as an integrating context for learning and building a lifetime stewardship ethic.