HI-MOES 2010-2011 Program

During the year we worked with 14 teachers in 11 intermediate and high schools, a total of 500 students in Hilo, Keaau, Pauillo, Waikoloa, Waimea, Kona and Captain Cook. 30 classroom presentations took place, in addition to 47 field trips to Kahalu'u Bay, Kukio, Keahole Point, Makalavena, Kohala Mountain, Hilo Bay and Kapoho Tidepools. We welcomed 8 scientists to our classrooms and to join us on field work, including scientists from Cornell University, the University of Hawai'i Hilo and Manoa. A list of participating schools can be found here. Check out a picture slideshow of all schools here. Learn about their research project presentations at the end-of-year conference here.


An outdoor education Outdoor science education program for island students August 18, 2010 Island students and their teachers will have the chance again this year to leave the classroom and study firsthand ahupua‘a (watersheds) of Hawai‘i Island. The Kohala Center is recruiting teachers for its second year of HI-MOES--Hawai‘i Island Meaningful Outdoor Experiences for Students, an innovative hands-on science-based program that focuses on bay and watershed education in ahupua'a of the Kona coast, Kohala Mountain and Hilo Bay. » read more
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Coastal Classroom Konawaena middle schoolers learn science in the field February 18, 2011 Konawaena Middle School eighth-graders got a small taste of field work this week while spending time at Kahaluu Beach testing scientific theories. From determining the effects of nitrates and nitrites upon sea urchin diversity to discovering how sewage impacts marine life, students used an assortment of tests on collected water samples to see if their hypotheses proved true.
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Comments from Participating Teachers

“My goal is to create opportunities for discovery and real-life scientific research for my students. By giving Pa‘auilo School the unique opportunity to participate in the HI-MOES program and year long support from educators at The Kohala Watershed Partnership, we will create these opportunities not found in the classroom. I look forward to this unique partnership – not only will my students benefit, but also myself!” – Gerald Garley, Teacher, Grades 6-8, Pa‘auilo School.

“Many of my students have explored little or nothing beyond their limited neighborhoods. They are also not familiar with scientific fieldwork and what scientists can really be a part of. HI-MOES allows them to take care of their island by doing actual research. These types of experiences are the ones students most often remember and take with them. It will help them learn the rewards and benefits of being stewards of our island while learning the value of scientific inquiry in today’s world”. – Cheryl Cotten, Teacher, Grade 8, Konawaena Middle School

“HI-MOES was a terrific experience for my students last year. Some will be with us again doing something different. My students highly recommended our continued work on watershed exploration. HI-MOES provides a great atmosphere and fabulous support for the students involved”. – Sylvia Texeira, Teacher, Grades 7-8, West Hawai‘i Explorations Academy

“I have been looking for a program like this for years! I believe that most of science education should be hands-on and taken out of the classroom and into the magnificent outdoors. HI-MOES provides the guidance I need to implement the activities that I wish to do”. - Tina Doherty, Teacher, Grade 9, Parker School

“I am interested in giving my students new experiences outside of our school that are related to science, Hawaiian culture and language, and especially our local environment. It is important for my students to see what kind of sciences there are and how they apply and affect our daily lives. I would like the experiences of HI-MOES to inspire my students to choose a career in science”. -Kehau Kalili, Teacher, Grades 7 – 11, Ke Kula o Nawahiokalani‘opu‘u.